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Charlie Banana - Hemp Inserts - Medium/Large

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There are occasions when cloth nappy inserts made from microfiber, bamboo or cotton may not be absorbent enough which is where hemp nappy boosters can help. Hemp is a fabric that absorbs slower than some other materials and can hold vastly more liquid than other fibers making it an ideal solution for toddlers who tend to do ‘flood’ wees, night time use or long car journeys when your child might be in their nappy for a prolonged period of time.

Reusable nappy inserts can be used in pocket nappies, shaped, two part and all in one reusable nappies to provide additional absorbency making them a very versatile item to have in your cloth nappy stash! Cloth nappy inserts can be used in a variety of combinations to create the absorbency needed for each individual child
Charlie Banana hemp inserts are available in packs of 3, in two size options – Small/Medium and Medium/Large giving users a variety of pocket nappy insert combinations that can be tailored for each child and application. We recommend that the Small/Medium is used for newborns and both sizes are used for older babies and during naps/night-time use for optimum absorption.

Charlie Banana hemp nappy inserts are made from a combination of 4 layers, 2 x microfiber and 2 x hemp fleece (55% hemp and 45% cotton) allowing the hemp nappy inserts to absorb quickly due to the microfiber and hold larger quantities in the hemp layers.

Wash cool or at a maximum of 40 degrees, tumble dry on low. We recommend that you avoid bleaches and fabric softeners to maintain the life span of your hemp nappy boosters.

*Please note that the hemp nappy boosters may experience some shrinkage during the initial wash due to the natural nature of the fabric and fibers. These can be ‘stretched’ slightly when damp to regain some of the shape of the Charlie Banana hemp nappy inserts.

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