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Washing Cloth Nappies

Washing Cloth Nappies is not as hard as you initially would think..

Always check manufacturer guidelines, especially for temperature, as washing on too high a setting can ultimately damage certain fabrics and render your guarantee useless.

Basic washing instructions are, scrape, dump and remove as much solids as you can before washing, unless breastfeeding as this will wash out in the machine easily.

Avoid Liquid tabs and  fabric softener as these can coat the fabrics making them less absorbent. 
Use the correct dose of powder for your wash.. to ensure your nappies are clean..

You can do a cold rinse first to reduce the chance of staining and then go onto your normal wash cycle.

Once nappies are washed, some allow light tumble drying other nappies require line drying or if too wet for line drying, use a clothes horse to dry your nappies on, placing near a radiator for the heat.. (always check with the manufacturer of your nappies to see if they allow tumble drying) 

And that is basically it, no different than washing baby clothes, school uniforms etc.. Its not like back in the "day" when nappies had to be soaked and boil washed.  This is now advised against as well as using bleach on your nappies... Harmful to fabrics and harmful to babies delicate skin..

Don't hesitate to Contact Me if you have any questions.

Over time you will develop your own wash routine.