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Real Cloth Nappies

Interested in cloth nappies? are you confused with all the different types? Dont know where to start?

I have put together this simple list of the different kinds of nappies and accessories to hopefully help you get going!

If you have any questions you can Contact Us at any time through our contact page or call us Tuesday - Saturday between the hours of 10am and 5pm. 

AIO - All In One, this means you do not need a separate wrap, soaker or cover as this nappy has everything built in.. There are different brands of all in one nappies, but all work the same, the outer fabric will be the waterproof layer and the inside in most cases will be sewn in/attached.. such as THESE 

Pocket Nappy - These nappies have an opening in the back where you can add the required absorbency by adding inserts or boosters into the pocket part, the outer fabric is waterproof.. can also be made as a birth to potty nappy or otherwise known as a One Size Cloth Nappy. we stock some HERE & HERE among others.

Fitted Nappy - A fitted nappy is a nappy that is already shaped and doesn't needed to be folded, such as a Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy which can be found HERE these nappies do require a type of cover as they are not waterproof.. but bamboo fitted nappies are highly recommended for night times..

Nappy Wraps - These are a waterproof cover and most will contain a layer of PUL(Polyurethane Laminated) a waterproof layer that helps keep wetness in, some wraps will have an outer fabric of fleece in prints or plain with or without embroidery, we make some of these ourselves HERE Also called wraps because the tabs for closure wrap around the babies waist. 

Fleece Soakers - These are another type of nappy covering for fitteds or terry squares.. Fleece is a breathable fabric, and allows moisture to evaporate from the nappy meaning it is less wet,  making it a great choice for over nights. Soft, and quick drying, being almost dry to the touch straight from the washing machine.. we make our own fleece soakers which can be found HERE

Terry Squares - These can be made with either bamboo terry or the traditional terry towelling like our mothers or grandmothers used to use.. They are still a great choice for many people. and you can use a nappy wrap or fleece soaker over these nappies, they can be fastened with pins or a nappy nippa.. 

Birth to Potty Nappies/One Size Nappy - These nappies are designed to fit from newborn to potty training. Some of these will be a pocket type of nappy with extra poppers on the front to make adjusting the size easy for each stage of your babies early years. Sometimes if your baby is slightly smaller its better to get a couple of newborn nappies to see you through until they fit better. 

Inserts/Boosters - The majority of cloth nappies come with several inserts to use.. these go inside the pocket nappy or can be laid in a fitted nappy to increase absorbency a booster is pretty much the same thing, but so called because if you add it then you essentially boosting your nappy. These can be bought separately and come in a few different fabric types such as:

Microfibre, which is a fast absorbing fabric.

Bamboo, holds much more than microfibre but is a little slower to absorb.

Hemp, is also a slower absorbing fabric but holds even more than bamboo.

Charcoal Inserts are a mix of microfibre and bamboo and hold quite a bit while being faster to absorb.

Its good to mix and match until you find the right combination for your child. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of the differing types of washable nappies, pop over to our simple instruction on how to wash them  HERE 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information or are unclear on what is written above..