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Fleece soakers and how they work

What is a fleece soaker?

A fleece soaker is a breathable cloth nappy cover and can be used over any type of nappy.. 

How does it work?

because a fleece soaker is breathable it  allows moisture to evaporate, making these a great choice for overnight use.. meaning the night nappy can feel less wet by the morning. This can also help reduce the risk of nappy rash.. which lets face it all kids get at some point and more so during teething.

It is important to use a reliable and very absorbant nappy under a fleece soaker as this makes it more effective. 

They can also be used through the day, but its not advisable to use them during long car journeys or extended time in a pram or sling, as they can be prone to compression wicking (kinda like a sponge being squeezed) 

How do i wash them?

Fleece is a hard wearing fabric and can be washed along with your general washing, they come out of the wash almost dry and can be tumble dried further.. I advise turning them inside out for washing as this will  prevent bobbling and keep them looking newer for longer ..

There are no elastics or fastening's on a fleece soaker, these are a pull up cover and can help prevent nappy removal over night.. had that happen a time or two with my own children lol... not nice first thing in the morning.. also as there is no elastic they are softer and gentler on babies skin and dont leave any marks like some nappy wraps can do. 

All our soakers have an added layer of protection in the "wetzone" making them even more reliable.. 

Hopefully this little bit of information has been helpful but if you have any more questions feel free to contact me..