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Real Easy - Festival -LARGE

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Real Easy nappies were designed in the UK as a stay-dry all in one / pocket nappy hybrid - really easy to use, really easy to wash and dry, really easy all round!

The Real Easy nappy comes in a range of sizes so that you get the best fit for your baby, however tiny the newborn or chunky the toddler. Most babies will only need TWO sizes - small and medium.  Real Easy also has sizes to offer good fitting options for those babies who are of low birthweight (XS), and for chunky toddlers who need something a bit bigger, or perhaps take longer to become dry at night (large/XL).

The Real Easy nappy is constructed with a soft fleece lining to keep baby feeling comfy and dry, behind this is a sewn in microterry soaker pad (2 layers) to quickly soak up wetness and wick it away from baby.  Behind this layer is an absorbent pad made from 3 layers of thirsty, trim organic cotton/hemp fabric.  This soaker flaps out of the back of the nappy to allow efficient washing and quicker drying, but remains attached so you can't lose it in the wash.  On the outside of the nappy is a stretchy waterproof layer with anti-wicking polyester.

The nappy fastens with poppers at the waist and leg to give the best fit, and features the same unique leg casing elastic as is found on the Wonderoos v3 pocket nappies.  The leg elastics are covered by soft fleece, giving a snug yet comfortable and non-marking fit.  

Sizing information:

XS - 4-12lbs (1.8-4.5kg) - suitable for tiny newborns and premature babies

S - 7-18lbs (3.2-8.2kg) - most babies will get a good fit from this size from birth

M - 15-32lbs (6.8-14.5kg) - this generous size will likely get the most use

L - 30-45lb+ (13.6-20.5kg+) - chunky toddlers may need this size before potty training

XL - 45lb+ (20.5kg+) - suitable for older children who are later to potty train (aged 3-5+ years).  Ideal for use as a night nappy or for heavy wetters as there is plenty of room in the pocket to add extra absorbency if needed.

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