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Wonderoos v3 One Size Starter Kit - RNW Special - Bright Delight

Price in L & R points: 4299
  • Product Code: bright starter kit
  • L & R Points: 42
  • Availability: 2-3 Days


Real Nappy Week Offer - FREE Wonderoo print with every starter kit.  The free nappy will be included within the starter kit.  Print supplied will vary and cannot be selected. 

The popular Wonderoos pocket nappy is easy to use, absorbent, and comes in a great rainbow of vibrant colours. Wonderoos are a one size nappy, designed to fit babies from around 8-35lbs. Fastening with durable waist poppers, Wonderoos have a soft fleece inner layer for baby's comfort and dryness, a leakproof PUL outer layer, and a generous pocket style opening at the back into which you place one or both of the absorbent inserts. Absorbent enough for day and night use - no need to buy different night nappies! 

This starter kit contains 3 Wonderoos v3 nappies, 6 absorbent inserts (3 bamboo, 3 microfibre), 3 reusable baby wipes, and a small reusable wet nappy bag. 

The Wonderoos v3 nappy is supplied with two inserts: a shaped microfibre insert is intended for use with newborn babies, while a trifold bamboo insert is used for older babies. For heavy wetting toddlers and overnight use, you may need to use both inserts together. Snap together using the unique boy/girl settings (blue for boys, pink for girls) and insert into the pocket with the Wonderoos label facing outwards at the front of the nappy. 

Newborns can get through 8-10 changes a day, but in the newborn setting, the small insert and outer dry so fast that it's possible to get a nappy in the wash, air dried and back on baby in a matter of hours.

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