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Wonderoos - Monsters

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  • Brand: Wonderoos
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Wonderoos are a one size nappy, designed to fit babies from around 8-35lbs. Fastening with durable waist poppers, Wonderoos have a soft fleece inner layer for baby's comfort and dryness, a leakproof PUL outer layer, and a generous pocket style opening at the back into which you place one or both of the absorbent inserts. Absorbent enough for day and night use - no need to buy different night nappies! 

The nappy is supplied with two inserts: a shaped microfibre insert is intended for use with newborn babies, while a trifold bamboo insert is used for older babies. For heavy wetting toddlers and overnight use, you may need to use both inserts together. Snap together using the unique boy/girl settings (blue for boys, pink for girls) and insert into the pocket with the Wonderoos label facing outwards at the front of the nappy. 

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