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Baba & Boo Newborn Nappy - Alpine Fun

Price in L & R points: 1085
  • Brand: Baba & Boo
  • Product Code: babanewbornalpine
  • L & R Points: 10
  • Availability: 2-3 Days


These nappies are called pocket nappies. At the back of the nappy there is a pocket, which is where you put the inserts.

Each of these newborn nappies come with 2 bamboo mix inserts, which you put into the pocket and this makes the nappy absorbent. When stuffing the inserts into the pocket, ensure that they are flat.

When your baby is brand new, you will only need one insert and this should last you, 2-3 hours. Once your baby starts to grow (which is always too quick!) and you find the nappy is not lasting as long, this is the time to add the other insert. This will ensure the nappy lasts longer.

You will find these newborn nappies are really easy to put on, as they have velcro fastenings, so make them very similar to disposables in how you fit them on your baby. They make night changes nice and easy.

You are going to love using these cloth nappies, so much better for your baby. Not to mention our world.

Features include:

  • Popper system to the front

  • Waterproof lining - no need for anything extra

  • Gusset which helps keeps the poop inside the nappy and helps with those poo-explosions.

  • Completely free of nasties

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